Monday, January 12, 2009

Santa Ana Stories

The infamous winds were introduced to me at a young age, and ironically not even in person. Steve Martin had just starred in "The LA Story" along with a ridiculously young SJP and some older woman with a British accent. The storyline of this 80's flick escapes me now but I'm pretty sure it involved a tuba player, a talking freeway sign, and a pivotal scene where Steve Martin mocks southern Californians by driving his tiny convertible to his bff's place- three houses down the street.

In the movie, the winds were magical. It caused electrical freeway signs to offer wisdom to those who were lost, soulmates were found, and the sunsets were beautiful. The weather was balmy and caused people to have passionate sex in bushes. People broke out of their comfort zones and were able to live without inhibitions and achieve forgotten life goals.

The Santa Anas now make me feel antsy. They make me want to drive into the moonless night and scream lyrics into the roaring wind. They urge me to search for my forgotten passion and demand improvement from all ends.

2008 was filled with extravagance. I don't regret a single show, trip, meal or frivolous purchase. The Santa Anas would approve of my year of exploration. It was merely another year proving who I am not. I am starting 2009 armed with everything I need to start anew, and I have to say; I'm pretty darn excited.

Highlights of 2008: the beginning of Ktown Krazy, my 15 Hollywood Bowl shows, American Teen & other Indie flicks, my 10 musicals/plays, 2 NYC trips, exciting new restaurants, my new and "improved" eyes, a change for the US, Korea after 20 long years, CA statute of limitations, karma biting an exbf in the arse (gotta love that).

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