Friday, January 29, 2010

growing up?

I am a girl who is ultimately driven by her emotions. I have so many of these damn "feelings" floating around in me and really- you 'd think I would have learned by now that "feelings" are NOT your friends. But here I am at 29, letting emotions and feelings and attachments rule my life. I get in over my head because "it feels right," and then have to deal with the inevitable fall-out. Seriously, wtf is wrong with me? I'm supposed to be an adult. An adult, damn it! One with good judgement skills and enough brains to figure out life. To my inner teen, I BEG you to be PLEASE LEAVE.

I've decided that I don't want a "mate." So to all of you kind souls (including my parents, who aren't so kind about it at all) who are praying for my future "mate," can you please alter your prayers?

I'd rather have a LOT of money. A lot of money trumps mate every day of the week.

How's THAT for lack of emotion?


Ming said...

Money is fantastic - hopefully one day you'll meet a man that loves money as much as he loves you.

As long as you remain fabulous, that's all that matters. <3

Ingrid said...

oh, inee, i love your blunt honesty...