Tuesday, January 27, 2009

old is bad

another issue with dating "later" in life. i suppose for people dating when they've gone through most of their lives, they're more lenient. they've been through hardships and impossible situations and have come up knowing what's important and having learned how to deal with life. but for those dating in their late twenties/early thirties- we don't have the life experience.

all we have is an ideal of what we would like built up in our heads and the bitter slap of reality that this person with his/her perfect ideals and history and occupation and upbringing and current state- may not really exist.

we are reaching a critically selfish point in our lives and the thought of having to "settle" because that person hasn't checked off all of our requirements doesn't seem so silly. after all, the world is full of people, the sea full of fish. why must we settle?

i think this may be the beginning of a slow path towards unhappiness.

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tori said...

i think that you shouldn't have to feel like you're settling, but i do agree that having a "checklist" will likely result in something negative. sometimes we want things that aren't on that list, but we don't recognize them until we see them. (and are shocked by the idea that we like them.) and sometimes the things we think are important aren't really at all, when it comes right down to it.

the sea is definitely full of fish and no one should have to feel like their match is sub-par, but i think the perfect fish might look a little different from the one conjured up in our heads.