Friday, October 16, 2009

Make it Make Sense

Having a Blackberry has changed my life. I no longer have to stare at the floor when waiting for the shuttle/friends/a table at Sugarfish. I can BBM stalk my friends and update facebook and add to the flood of inane twittering behavior. Best of all, I too can fool myself into believing that I am important and that my heart may actual stop if I put down the phone and smile at a stranger.

Technology has made us into complete assholes.

Blogs, Facebook photo uploads, Twitter, Gchat - it's made us a bit socially inept. Our face to face time with other humans is rarely uninterrupted by our affordable smart phones, which ironically give us access to the outside world while shutting us out from the personal world. Are we so important? Do we really have so many world shaking facts to state?

Put down your phone. You're not that important. That email/bbm/text/twitter/fb update can't be more interesting than spending time with the human being across from you. And if it is, then you should get up and leave and stop wasting time.

Efficiency is our new best friend. But let's not mistake efficiency for a general lack of manners.

I will try to be better. I won't check my phone when I'm out with my friends. Remember life when we would only allow emergency phone calls to interrupt our time with one another? Why should those who aren't willing to put in face to face time be given preference? It doesn't make sense.

Some other things that don't make sense. Why LA girls wear leggings as pants and boots that don't cover their toes. Why the Restaurant Week menu at SugarFISH is a $1.50 cheaper than their og menu when all they've done is replaced the hamachi with shrimp. Why I have 200+ albums on facebook available for my 500+ friends when the number of people I actually keep in touch with waver around 20. Why UCI has decided to furlough me when my paycheck comes 100% from grants. Why it took me so long to come back.

I'm back. Let's make sense of it.


Donna said...

YAY - inee blogging is BACK!

SL said...

i can't wait for MORE MORE MORE!!!