Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bay Area Inee?

All throughout undergrad, people would say that I was a "bay area" girl. I never really knew what that meant and found myself a bit offended after my first couple of visits up north.

The first time was in my Daewoo (filled with 5 girls, some whom I detested) for an event that no one was looking forward to. It was a crowded and nerve-wracking time filled with disappointment and a bit of nausea. And my car was NEVER the same after driving it full speed up the grapevine

My second visit was worst than the first. It included some all time personal low moments complete with utter embarrassment, unexpected backstabbing, hours of waiting, and an overnight stay at the San Jose airport.

Needless to say, I was NOT a fan of northern California and all its ways and was sick of hearing people telling me that I would LOVE living up there.

I've taken a few more trips since undergrad and have tried to keep an open mind. I've had some great dim sum, took a tourist boat ride around the golden gate bridge, explored some great breakfast places, and enjoyed all the suburbia that Burlingame had to offer. And somewhere along the line, I think I got a bit hooked.

The fresh air, intelligent people, public transportation, great food, the ability to actively lead an organic/sustainable/healthy lifestyle, the lack of LA trendiness & superficiality ... I dunno. I can really see myself living there.

Starting new, growing, becoming, being? I'm a nicer person up there. I feel the importance of educating myself. I love having conversations with 70 year-old women about how much we love Green Day's American Idiot. I love seeing the ocean without tanning bodies showcasing an eating disorder. I love that I wore leggings as pants with bows on my shoes and a fob hat and no one looked twice.

And I love being around old friends. And the possibility of meeting new ones.

What do you think world? Is Inee a "bay area" girl?


g said...

i refuse to believe you wore leggings until i see a picture. : )

you should go to davis with janet.. she's leaving in a couple weeks

Kathy Locke said...

The Bay Area is awesome.
You should do it! Give it a chance!
Come to our church! :)

Colette said...

I think you're a San Diego girl :)