Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Privacy? Psha.

I would like to take the time to say that I have the best friends EVER. They are considerate, kind, generous and loving. Not to mention kind of not smart. Because now that I have this camera- I'll be documenting every single thing we do. HA! Joke's on you guys! But in all honesty, how great is this?! I can have picture updates now! Whoo hoo! I thought about making this blog private, but let's be real. Since when was I a private person? I must say, getting closer to adulthood (I'm not really there yet), I do see the need for privacy. So I've deleted all of my facebook albums (except mobile uploads, my dying dog, and my ugly toes) and made some of the crazy notes private. I figure, it's hard to really take ALL of Inee in without warning. No need to expose all this crazy to the facebook world. Who else agrees that facebook was a lot more fun when it was just your real friends? At the same time, I've having a GRAND OLE TIME catching up fb style with long-lost friends. And with people whom I honestly don't remember. But they sure do remember me. That's frightening. A new year, a new list. As per tradition, I shall be posting my Adopt It list after my birthday. You're all coming right?

(i started reading the books before there was ever a TV show, so yes. I am being original)

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