Friday, December 17, 2010


Where did 2010 go? Is this what getting older is like? The cliche of time slipping through my fingers like sand? I can't even remember what I did last week, nevertheless this entire year. What I am happy to report is that I am happy. It's been a while since I've been genuinely happy and so I'm embracing this found-again feeling with full enthusiasm.

I was expected to ditch nostalgia, regret, debt and expectations in 2010. Maybe I'm happy because I can say that I've succeeded! I've been able to cut out all of the dead by cutting my ties with nostalgia. I have photos and old blogs for memories and no longer feel the need to constantly revive things that were long gone. Regret hasn't plagued me in a long while. I was fortunate to pay off the debts I've wanted to pay off (will we EVER truly be debt-free in southern California?). And expectations... I'm okay with my life being an utter disappointment to my parents. Call it the wisdom of turning a decade older, but I can't live my life to make my parents happy. They are greedy in the kindest way, wanting what they feel is the absolute best for me.

There is no best for me. I am just me and I'm trying to do my own best. The best I can have is kindness and understanding. Or Ryan Reynolds wrapped in a bow. shrug?

As for my Adopt it list of blogs, passion, health, and strangers- I'll call it 2.5/4? Blogs were a bit of a fail but I did start a tumblr! One that I rarely write in... but I started one! It's been a good year for passions. I've dipped my toes in my planning passion and feel that I'll be fully immersed by this time next year. Health is a half. Best lab results I've ever had- but they still suck in comparison to "normal." But personal best ain't bad. And strangers. I've met a lot of great people this year and strengthened my relationships with my friends. I've learned a lot about myself and people in general.

Overall- 2010 has been a really great year. Photo update to follow.

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